An Update!

If you read any of our infrequent posts – you probably keep up with other island info and gossip too, but just in case you don’t…
here is what we know…
YES, we have received a notice to vacate the land by the end of Feb, we did know it was likely but yes it was a bit quicker than we thought!

We are looking at our options and YES we have asked for more time, once we know more we will keep you up to date..

Until we know more we are open as usual, everyday, with happy hours on Wed, Fri and Sat, and live music Sundays from 4ish!

24 thoughts on “An Update!

  1. Good luck negotiating with your landlord…my group is looking forward to lunch with you 3/22. Hoping you’re still there…and for long after that.


  2. Arriving in SK next Friday – March 2.
    Soooo disappointed to learn you may
    be forced to close by then? Have you
    heard if extension will happen? Please let us all know!!!!


  3. Hi there – we are travelling back to the island March 17th week & hoping you are there still!!! Any update on your extension?


      • We arrive on March 22…spending the day at Carambola Beach Club. I’ll watch for your update; hoping you’ll still be in the area. You’re one of the reasons we chose Carambola!!!


  4. Thanks for the memories.
    Always felt comfortable, welcome and at home.
    It’s been a great trip.
    I’ll see you all later in the year and we’ll make some new memories.


    • Hello, We are coming to St. Kitts in June. Has the Shipwreck re-opened on Frigate Bay? TripAdvisor shows a Shipwreck Beach Bar & Grill next to Vibes Beach Bar. Same owners, same menu, same beach chairs, same monkeys?


      • HI Robyn, We have not as yet moved to Frigate Bay, we will be doing soon, once the plan is approved (yes even here there is planning!) We will be further down from Vibes nearer Cathys, once we have the OK I will post something on the site! No idea what the other place is that is on TripAdvisor….


  5. Hi Kim, Sarah et al,
    We arrived last night so prepare for the rain!! Doesn’t look like you’re open yet but will take a walk over today. Let us know if you’re around for a beer? See you soon Brigitte & Mickxxx


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