Working on things!

Just wanted to put a quick blog post on, so you know we aren’t out “liming” (St Kitts speak for out drinking) all the time anyway! We are working on the plan for the new place, yes a real drawing type plan, an unknown concept to us, and hope to have some more news soon.

Whilst we have some extra time on our hands and people have asked us about being able to buy ShipWreck T Shirts and Beer coosies /hugger etc…….We have looked into it and it is entirely possible, however the shipping part is a bit expensive. So look out for the new page being added, if that is your thing, we aren’t fancy enough for it all to be on line (lets face it its a miracle we can do a web page) but we can call for card payments etc!



7 thoughts on “Working on things!

  1. I’m still following closely for updates! We were so disappointed you lost your original “home.” We have a group of 29 visiting the island on June 20th. I really hope you are relocated by then.


  2. Looking through posts and updates yet I can’t seem to find a definitive “yes we are open and in the same location”? Maybe a new location or layout? We visited 2 yrs ago and loved spending the day at Shipwreck. We are going to be in St. Kitts on Oct 24, 2018. Will you be open and have a few drinks waiting for us? 🙂 Are you in the same location? Thank in advance for your time. The Schaefer Clan


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