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ShipWreck Beach Bar & Grill

South Friars Beach

P.O. Box 1245


St Kitts

E mail :-

Telephone :- 001 (869) 764 7200






40 thoughts on “Contact Us

      • There are approx 20 of us arriving on freedom of the seas on April 3, 2018. Can u accomadate us and any deals bringing that many.


      • Hi Bill,

        We can usually accommodate most people who come to visit, however we don’t take reservations and our beach chairs are on a first come first served basis.
        Also at this stage we have no idea what other boats may be in that day.




      • Hi we are open from 10am daily we, serve food from 12 noon until 6.30pm.
        At the moment so long as you are using the restaurant and bar we are not charging for the us of beach chairs.


  1. Hi. Was wondering if you could tell me how far you are from the cruise port and/or how much cab fare is.

    Thank You


  2. Hey there, just checking with ya, a very large group of us (maybe 20) will be arriving Jan 13th, 2016 via Carnival cruise ship. We are planning on coming to Shipwreck for a day of fun, drinks and food..this is a pretty wild, crazy fun bunch..One very special person is having a birthday on the day we will be there and is there something we can arrange ahead of time for her to make it very special and a surprise and also, how will a group this large get from the port to Shipwreck? I know this is 6 months in advance but want to get some heads up info…

    David in Georgia


    • Hi Gary, we serve Carib, Stag and Skol our 3 most popular island beers, as well as Heineken, Corona Carib Light, Guinness and usually Coors Lite and Bud Lite, depending on availability.


  3. Hello! Have been to you guys once before and absolutely loved everything! However I am coming on a cruise this time so I unfortunately will only be coming to you guys for one day… Was wondering if you had free wifi there? Also if you the funky monkey drink is something you have on the menu at all times? It was my favorite. Also we will have a big group of people do you have enough snorkeling rentals for up to 10 people or more?


    • Hi Megan,

      Great to hear from you, sorry no WiFi as yet. Yes Funky Monkey’s are on the menu all the time did you know we serve them in two sizes regular and tall?!
      We have plenty of snorkel gear so should be able to accommodate your group with no problem.

      Look forward to seeing you!


  4. We plan on being there on April 14th with a party of approximately 12. Would we need to contact you to see if you can accommodate us(reservations etc.)?


  5. We will be visiting you again next week. Need to know if a cab can be called to pick us up there or do we need to pre-arrange a cab pick up?


    • HI Christina, We do rent snorkelling equipment, boogie boards and floats. St Kitts Stand Up Paddle boards operate from the end of our beach, there are usually jet ski’s on the other end of the beach but no sure of their hours /days etc.

      Hope that helps!


  6. Hi – we are visiting St. Kitts for the day on an NCL cruise. What is the easiest way to get to you? Are there chairs / umbrellas available on the beach for rent? We have two kids (9 and 7) and want to make sure they don’t get too much sun. Thanks! Looking forward to visiting!


  7. Great!! I assume taxis are available at the cruise dock? Can’t wait to try the Funky Monkey I’ve been reading about in the comments!


  8. My wife and I will be in St. Kitts on February, 8, 2017. We would love to spend the day at the Shipwreck Bar & Grill. Do we need reservations?


  9. We are a group of 40 people . Can you reserve tables for our lg group for lunch and drinks . We are using Chris Brooks for morning tour and transportation.


  10. We are a group of 40 people . Can you reserve tables for our lg group for lunch and drinks . We are using Chris Brooks for morning tour and transportation. We will be on your island july 28th


  11. How much to rent beach chairs? Do we need to reserve in advance? Wanting to head there this afternoon, March 22, 2022. Thank you.


  12. Hello Again ! We should have been back a couple more times by now, but we have had 7 cruises canceled between April 2020 & April 2022. ☹️ We are now scheduled to be there in December 2022 on a Friday. Are you doing the Lobster/Seafood deal on Friday’s this year ? We are so looking forward to spending our day with you again ! Only 8 months & a couple weeks to go .😎


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