ShipWreck Beach Bar & Grill, St Kitts.

Enjoy the true Caribbean spirit while sipping an icy cold beverage or indulging in a Caribbean-style meal.

  • Delight in the beautiful beach with palm umbrellas and superb snorkelling (rentals available)
  • The bar is open for liquid refreshment from 10 am to Sunset.
  • A diverse variety of local cuisine is available daily from noon to 6.30 pm with our acclaimed “best fish tacos ever” well worth sampling.
  • Relish an up-close experience with monkeys and mongooses.
  • Live entertainment every Sunday from 4 (ish) to 6 (ish). This is the Caribbean after all – we are very laid back!
  • Enjoy the sunset and if your lucky, experience the green flash (from September to April)



52 thoughts on “About

  1. We loved your place and four of us are coming back next year just to spend the day with you! Bring on those Funky Monkeys drinks we love them


    • The monkeys generally come down in the early morning as we feed them sugar cane around 10 am. Then we feed them again in the late afternoon around 5:30 or 6 pm. Unfortunately they are a wild troop so sometimes they come other times they are busy foraging other places. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  2. We will be arriving by cruise ship in early January and I heard there has been a lot of erosion. Is there much sand left after Hurricane Matthew?


  3. We will be cruising in on the the 3rd of January. A party of four. It sounds like a taxi is the best mode of transportation. I just want to make sure we will have a way back to the ship and no problem. WE look forward to your hospitality and We will make sure your taken care of. Please advise if you have ideas. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi!
      Yes a taxi is,easiest, you can take one from the port and arrange for them to collect you later, or we can call one for you from the nearest taxi rank which is only a few minutes away.
      Look forward to seeing you soon!


  4. We are coming from a cruise ship in early March. Is there access to the beach, a place where we can rent an umbrella or lounge chairs?


  5. Hi. We will be cruising in May 2017. I use a mobility scooter and am wondering if your facility can accommodate me. Namely, can I get in the door and are there usable restrooms. Of course I would not be interested in using the beach, but a nice meal and atmosphere.


  6. Hi – traveling down in a week with my hubby and 3 kids. Looking for a half relaxing day where we can eat and drink. I saw above someone asked about chairs and you said you would waive the fee if participating in the drinks and food? Do you do an all inclusive deal at all?


    • Hi!

      Its not too far maybe a mile, you could walk but there is a big hill between us and Marriott so you might want to get a cab the first time just so you can see what your in for! Or you can always walk to us and we can call a cab back for you when your ready!


  7. Hi– we will be in St Kitts for a week or so arriving 3/3/17– have friends there Ann & Alden — do you still sell a good cigar there – it was our first stop last time & I can’t wait to come back !


  8. Went here twice. Best beach for snorkeling. Great food and drinks. Made my trip. Definitely go here if you go to St Kitts.


  9. We are coming to St Kitts this weekend and staying at the Marriott. How easy is it to get there from the Marriott? AND…. do you rent SUP’s there?


    • Hi! We are easy to get to, the Marriott can arrange a taxi, it costs about $12us, or if you like a work out you can walk, but there is a steep hill in between. There are SUP available to rent and if the boys aren’t at the beach when you are we can call them for you.

      Look forward to seeing you at Shipwreck


  10. We will be arriving via cruise ship on November 2, 2017. 5 years ago we fell upon Shipwreck after we rented scooters and drove around the island, our only regret is that we didn’t find you sooner. We LOVE it there and plan to spend our entire day there this time. Do you take reservations for the beach chairs and shade, or is it first come first serve? Also, do you happen to have orange soda, vanilla vodka and grenadine – Wondering if you will be able to make a special drink for someone with us? If not, we will be sure to sample several others, and may find one we like even better. Cant wait to see you guys again in November!


    • Hi April,

      Our chairs and shade are a first come first served thing.
      Yes we have vanilla vodka, orange soda and grenadine so we should be able to fix you friends drink and we of course have a drink menu too, for you to find a new favourite!

      See you in November!!


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