What you can find at ShipWreck

Here at ShipWreck your can find just what you need for a great day out………………………

The bar and restaurant, well we’ve already been over that on the other pages!IMG_0352

  • Snorkel Sets, Boogie Boards and Float vests available for rental
  • Fresh water showers, rustic bathrooms and a changing area
  • A book exchange and gift / t shirt shop
  • Swim / Dive platform
  • And although not operated by us  – Stand Up Paddle Boards available for rental on the end of the beach


10 thoughts on “What you can find at ShipWreck

  1. Hello,
    We will be there in about a week and a half. Any news yet on your lease being extended? We had such a great time when we were there last year!


  2. Coming in early January, want to bring our daughter there to stand-up paddle board while we soak up the sun and some drinks. Are the paddle boards near by? Name of company, prices? Look forward to spending time there, Thanks


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