Sample Menu

We have a varied menu here at ShipWreck………

Appetisers / Bar Snacks

  • Cheese Nacho
  • Chicken or Beef Nacho
  • Freshly Caught Conch Fritters
  • Chicken Wings or Chicken Tenders


  • Rib and Chicken Combo Meal
  • Fresh Caught Local Fish Meal (as available)
  • Rib Meal
  • BBQ Chicken (Leg & Thigh)
  • Vegetarian Meal (all the sides!)
  • All served with Rice & Beans, Salad and Plantain

Lighter Side

  • Chicken, Beef, Fish or Vegie Taco’s served with Rice & Beans and Salad
  • Burgers, Cheese Burgers, Hot Dogs, Veggie Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches or Fish Sandwiches are also all available with or with out our delicious hand cut fries.



48 thoughts on “Sample Menu

  1. Hi There! My family was at Shipwrecked a couple of weeks ago! We Loved It! My daughter and I had the Sand Dollar Drink and we were wondering what was in it. My daughter has a travel blog A World Of BS and she wants to include our trip to your bar! Thank you so much and can’t wait to feel “shipwrecked” again!


    • Hi!
      A burger or sandwich starts at $6us, and we have a various meals, tacos, nachos etc. ranging in price up to $21us for a rib and chicken combi meal, or if your not so hungry a hot dog is just $3us!

      Hope that helps, see you at Shipwreck


    • Hi Kevin!

      Very easy, if there isn’t a cab when you need we can just call the taxi stand, it takes about 7mins for them to drive over. Or you can arrange for the driver that drops you off to collect you.
      See you at Shipwreck!


  2. Saw a comment on Cruise Critic that you have black sand but the pictures in your gallery doesn’t show that. Am I misinformed? Coming to St. Kitts in October on Conquest. Thanks.


    • Hi Charles, we have mixed black and yellow sand, it depends on the weather which is more on any given day, the black sand is because we are a volcanic island and it is heavier than the yellow so it tends to vary as the yellow is pulled in and out by the waves.


    • Hi, we have snorkel gear available for rental it is $10us for mask, fins and snorkel. There are paddle boards they charge $20us for a half hour and $30us for an hour and further down the beach there are jet ski’s, but I’m not sure what they charge, both the paddle boarding and jet skis are separate businesses to ours, but all just down the beach!


  3. Hello,
    Do you serve a catch of the day type fish? Fried? We are very interested in local food! We don’t want to be stuck to American food 🙂 Caribbean food is too good not to eat it when in the islands!


  4. We enjoyed our lunch & drinks so much at your place on Tues! Our server was fun & sweet and encouraged us to try our new favorite drink, the Snafu. Can you tell me what’s in it? Thanks & hope to see you again!


    • Hi, so glad you enjoyed your time with us.
      A snafu is really straightforward just lime rum (we use Brindley rum but any is fine) and margarita mix, equal measures shaken over ice. Add some sun and sand and enjoy!!


    • Hi Sara, so glad you had a great day… The rum punch is spiced rum a blend of fruit juice (orange, pineapple, passionfruit, lime) and coconut rum on top with some nutmeg… Enjoy experimenting!!


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