Party Time!

So once again the weekend is here!

No Breakfasts this weekend, Gary and his team are on there vacations. Of course the main kitchen is open daily from noon till 6.30.

Happy Hour tonight from 6pm-7pm and on Saturday from 5-6pm and then we are in Party mode!! 2 for 1 Carib and Stag from 8pm-10pm. For those who like to snack while drinking a Nacho bar will be running from the Beach-side grill until Midnight. Drink and shot special all night, it going to be a great night. 

Party Night!

Were having a “Back to School Bash” on Saturday 30th August. Yes that is the Saturday before you all go back to school – well at Ross at least, gives you Sunday to recover on the beach and be all set to go for a new semester on Monday!!

For those of you new to school here on the island it’s a great chance to meet some new friends and find out for sure that you have made a great choice in choosing to come to St Kitts, and for those more seasoned party goers amongst you…….well I think you pretty much know it’s the place to be!

Happy Hour 8-10pm (2 for 1 Carib & Stag) Shot and Drink Specials all night, a Nacho bar for those who like to snack til Midnight and the mixing it up on the dance floor will be CJ the DJ doing his thing all night……. How can we not be looking forward to a great night!


Happy Friday!

So here at ShipWreck we have our usual weekend mayhem going on, Gary and his team are doing Breakfasts Saturday and Sunday from 8am-11am, this is there last week before a well earned break they will be back in Sept, so make sure you get up early if you want a good feed! The regular menus will still be available from noon!

Happy Hour tonight 6pm-7pm and on Saturday 5pm-6pm. 

Finish off you weekend with the amazing “Sex on the Beach” band playing from 4ish – 6ish Look forward to seeing you at ShipWreck.

Well what a week…..

Well we have had a great week at ShipWreck here in St Kitts. Jason fixed up the raft this week so for the first time in ages it looks great!

The finals of the CPL, that’s cricket in case you don’t know, were played here on Saturday and it was great to see some of the fans at the beach enjoying a few beers between games.

All of our Ross student friends are now on semester break and although you’ve only just finished, we are busy planning the Back to School Bash at the end of the month (see out what’s coming up page) and as usual it will be an awesome night!

As you can see we’ve also made a few changes to the website, so I reckon we may be slowly getting the hang of this……….


Welcome to ShipWreck Bar and Grill’s webpage and blog. We are not a very high tech establishment, yes we still keep tabs on pieces of paper! So it’s fair to say we have no idea about all this blog stuff, but what’s the worst that can happen!