Almost the Weekend!

Its almost the weekend and what better way to spend it than with us at ShipWreck!

This week was a strange one with some of our favourite customers moving to a new home and we wish them well on a new adventure and look forward to them returning soon.

Good Luck Ed and Launi

Also the students finished a semester so some of them are moving on to clinical’s and the others are moving up to the next semester challenge and already we have some bright and shiny new students arriving, its awesome, we love it!

Don’t forget Happy Hour 5pm-6pm Friday and Saturday and live music Sunday from 4.30ish

See you at ShipWreck


Millionth Cruise Ship Passenger!

Well good morning!

St Kitts is due to receive its Millionth Cruise Ship Passenger this morning….now that is a lot of people we have seen on our small island in this cruise ship season! I hope everyone has a great day visiting St Kitts.

For those of you who know we are a bit rubbish at posting stuff…..we are still open and doing well, its like we never closed!

See you at ShipWreck

Great News!!

Good Morning!
We will be re opening today Friday 20th April, from 10am. Happy Hour tonight from 5pm-6pm. Still at the same location….
For as long as we can, we know eventually we will most likely have to move but for now lets have some beer!

See you at ShipWreck!

Working on things!

Just wanted to put a quick blog post on, so you know we aren’t out “liming” (St Kitts speak for out drinking) all the time anyway! We are working on the plan for the new place, yes a real drawing type plan, an unknown concept to us, and hope to have some more news soon.

Whilst we have some extra time on our hands and people have asked us about being able to buy ShipWreck T Shirts and Beer coosies /hugger etc…….We have looked into it and it is entirely possible, however the shipping part is a bit expensive. So look out for the new page being added, if that is your thing, we aren’t fancy enough for it all to be on line (lets face it its a miracle we can do a web page) but we can call for card payments etc!


Today’s our last day…for now -WELL it was but we RE Opened! Same Place!

Do to circumstances beyond our control today is our last day of operation of Shipwreck Beach Bar & Grill at South Friars Bay! It comes with a very heavy heart to say this but… Thank you, thank you to everyone that have supported us over the years! We can not tell what it has meant to us. We have friends around the world from this little iconic beach bar on beautiful St. Kitts. This will not be the last of us we will keep you posted. Thank you again ☮️💜😎

Quick update…….that was in February but we Re OPENED in April, we’ll explain when you come for a beer!!

An Update!

If you read any of our infrequent posts – you probably keep up with other island info and gossip too, but just in case you don’t…
here is what we know…
YES, we have received a notice to vacate the land by the end of Feb, we did know it was likely but yes it was a bit quicker than we thought!

We are looking at our options and YES we have asked for more time, once we know more we will keep you up to date..

Until we know more we are open as usual, everyday, with happy hours on Wed, Fri and Sat, and live music Sundays from 4ish!

We Are OPEN!!

Great news we are fully open again, it took a little while but we are fixed up and looking good! Its hard to imagine now that the sand had washed out from under the bar, it’s all been put back with added rocks and a retaining structure, I’ll post some before and after pictures in a few days!

Even the beach is looking better….


Update after Irma!

Hi Everyone, thanks so much for all the kind wishes that we received via e mail and Face Book, we were amazingly lucky and our thoughts and prayer go out to those in other islands who have been badly hit.

Here’s a few picture so you can see, we took these on Wednesday afternoon, the waves are still high so there will be some shoring up to do, but hopefully that will just enhance our looks!