Hi there, we are not very good at posting blogs, but we are still here, just waiting on the word so that we can re-open, the compulsory closure during the pandemic has been a strange time, but we are all keen to see you all soon!
Keep well and hopefully we can all drink beer together in the very near future!


4 thoughts on “Hello….

  1. We spent a day with you guys about eight years ago and absolutely loved it. We are coming back next week and wanted to visit again. By chance, are you open Christmas Day? Understand if not, but truly hope you are! Merry Christmas!


  2. Its cruising time and we will be in St Kitts on Dec 7, 2022. Would love to come visit The Shipwreck Beach. Sure hope you will be open.
    What is the best way to get the Shipwreck Beach from the cruise pier?


    • Hi, yes we will be open… The best way to get to us is via a taxi from the cruise ship port, you can arrange for them to collect you too or we can call someone for you when you are ready to leave. See you at Shipwreck!


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