We Are OPEN!!

Great news we are fully open again, it took a little while but we are fixed up and looking good! Its hard to imagine now that the sand had washed out from under the bar, it’s all been put back with added rocks and a retaining structure, I’ll post some before and after pictures in a few days!

Even the beach is looking better….



Update after Irma!

Hi Everyone, thanks so much for all the kind wishes that we received via e mail and Face Book, we were amazingly lucky and our thoughts and prayer go out to those in other islands who have been badly hit.

Here’s a few picture so you can see, we took these on Wednesday afternoon, the waves are still high so there will be some shoring up to do, but hopefully that will just enhance our looks!

May Party Night

Yes its that time again, our annual Cinco de Mayo – but we like to party on a Saturday so its a Sies de Mayo Party!!

Happy hour 9-10 with 2 for 1 Carib and Stag, drink and shot specials all night.

DJ Elvis will be in the house playing his tunes………..we even have a pinata, well we will just as soon as we finish it, its looking good……..come see us at Shipwreck

Back to School Bash!


Back to School Party Night Saturday 3rd (yes tomorrow!!!) September

Happy Hour 8pm-10pm 2 for 1 on Carib and Stag

Drink and Shot Specials all night

Nacho Bar from 8pm til midnight

DJ Flame doing the tunes……it is going to be awesome!!

And for anyone that knows us well…..we have 2 guest bartenders on the main bar – should be fun FUN FUN!

Party Party Party!!

Party Night this Saturday 7th May…..a bit like a Cinco De Mayo party just a bit later!!

2 for 1 Carib and Stag from 8pm-10pm, drink and shot specials all night.

Tunes by the excellent DJ Legal

Nacho bar serving till midnight….

Join us at Shipwreck……………..